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the touch of luxury golden elixir anti-ageing cream

the touch of luxurygolden elixir anti-ageing cream

Gift Card


You can choose an INFINITUM gift voucher to give to a loved one!

This gift voucher can be used in our store to be apply to any skin care product.

Terms of use:

  • • Vouchers can only be purchased by paying online by card.
  • • After applying the voucher, you will receive a confirmation email containing code = no. order to place a new product order.
  • • Use coupon code - apply coupon when completing product order.
  • • Multiple vouchers cannot be combined when placing a product order.
  • • If the value of the product order is less than the value of the voucher, the remaining difference cannot be used for a new order.
  • • If the value of a voucher has been spent, the code cannot be reused.
  • • The value of the vouchers cannot be refunded.



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